What My Friends Do

20 Apr

I have been friends with Louie and Kat for 10 years now. We met when we were in high school. We’ve had a lot of adventures together and you cannot deny the fact that we are going to be friends in the many years to come. Louie is currently working for an outsourcing company and in charge of handling 50 people under the payroll department. Louie is a very good leader to his team. Despite his busyness at work, he still manages to study MBA. Though it is an online course, he still exerts a lot of effort to study after office hours. Louie is always the dependable one in the group. Because he’s the only boy in the group, he makes sure that Kat and I are always safe.

Kat, on the other hand, is a freelancer. She is in charge of their company’s online reputation management team. She used to work as a human resource practitioner for a call centre firm. She chose to quit her job and work from home, so she can take care of her baby. It was difficult for her to find a job at that time, but through her skills, she was able to find one over the internet.  It was actually the best option for her as there are no more job vacancies that can entertain the remaining jobless individuals.  The main task of this position is to check and recheck the website, ensuring that you’ll have the best contents among various related websites through reputation management services and this will bring you to a lot higher rank.


What Your Business Lacks

20 Apr

Nowadays, earning seems to be one of the hardest things in the world.  Even if you graduated with the highest honours, finding a job isn’t really that fun.  It is difficult to find a job that is appropriate to your knowledge and skills.  Because of our competitive labour market, it seems difficult for all of use to be able to completely settle down.  This is the reason why majority of the people take time in reflecting over the idea of building up own business.  Indeed, nothing can really make you get through the desired goals you wanted in life than establishing your business.  For instance, you will own a business in your town and you wish to advertise it to the whole city.  Although you can make use of television advertisements, newspapers, radios and even yellow pages advertisements, our age today calls for more highly developed tools in order to market your business faster and easier.

You must have heard about search engine optimization, ruling almost all business in the internet today.  Once you try to search for car companies, you will be given with so many results in different search engines.  Probably, you’ve had this idea that the top search results are the most popular business and websites.  Well, that’s true, only for some.  What make a website ranked on the first page of the search results are actually the SEO services.  No matter how known your business is, if you didn’t tried SEO for your business, it would be impossible for online users to know your website.  You can find the right local SEO Company, if you’d time to look for them.  They are the best persons to consult with when you’re looking for more information regarding marketing through SEO.  Just keep in mind that if you wish to reach out customers from your locality, then, use local SEO services, but if you wish to reach out the whole world, it would be SEO then.  Know your goals, but make them realistic.

Hello world!

20 Apr

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